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Life Coaching is a professional service, that addresses present experiences in our lives designed to help clients reach their goals!

The coaching process addresses individual, and family life imbalance, stress, transition, fears, relationships, obstacles and life purpose. It is a synergistic relationship that provides confidential support to objectively explore and create change.

One distinctive quality that I believe makes Life Coaching EFFECTIVE AND FUN: Life coaching is about THE CLIENT having the ANSWER... combined with a COACH offering the right questions, tools and techniques to empower the CLIENT to find the "Answers within"!

I work with people who are experiencing "real life" imbalance, in the course of change, seeking organization, clarity, structure and happiness. There are times in all of our lives, where we are stumped: "I have every reason to be happy... and I'm not."

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My Services

I am happy to share the general focus (but limited to) of my practice:

1. Stress, frustration, toleration

2. Relationships ( dating from youth through maturity, love, marriage, divorce

3. Managing grief, loss and sadness

4. Family transition (infancy, "empty nest" and beyond)

5. Food, nutrition and health

6. Managing new roles (caregiver, physical challenges)

7. Adaptation and Balance (college, relocation)

8. Parenting

9. Career (volunteerism, challenges, changes)

10. Life purpose

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About Coaching

Is Coaching For Me?

What you can expect:

I always begin with a short discussion, a personal interview, a bit of homework, and a "complimentary" coaching session.

Although we may alter the order, I believe each step is integral to a solid, effective "match" (I want you to experience a session before you commit).

I will be interested in: what is working for you, what immediate, and long term changes you are striving for, and your expectations of the coach and coaching process.

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Coaching Options?

Intro Special:

Coaching packages are custom made to best meet individual needs.
Following the interview and introductory free session, I encourage you to take advantage of a one month "super combo introductory special".

Includes: 3- 45 minute coaching sessions, one 10 minute "catch-up" call per week, and opportunity for emailing with a 24 hour turn around for response.
$150.00 (one time only).
Regular hourly fee: $125.00
4 session booking (45 min-60 min): $300- $400

Coaching sessions are always available (pre-paid) via phone, virtual (face-time/Skype) or face-to face!

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